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tv   KRON 4 Evening News  KRON  August 16, 2010 4:30pm-6:00pm PST

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two years to repair the damage. the schools will use portable classrooms until repairs are made. rob fladeboe is showing reactions and the classrooms. >> it is hard to believe said one second grader parent ashy was welcome back to where school under a festive arch. as she was welcomed the pact, and skeptics eric first, there were thrilled to know that they do not have to keechange schools. , and it is amazing how fast. my kids were scared about it. >> and in only six weeks, brand new portable classrooms have sprouted from a formal part of a playground. you can see that it was not take long for children to adjust. the school principal. >> no doubts. >> and i definitely did not and the minute i saw the amount of work that was happening
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immediately after the fire i did not doubt it at all. >> most of the money came from a grass-roots fund-raising effort. through garage sales, lemonade stands, and through the corporate donations has now totalled over $150 thousand. >> the state aid bill that president barack obama signed last week is to expect $1.2 billion for california's cash strapped schools. uncertainty over the state budget could delay or restore school days. the school budget is 45 days late. the obama administration wants to administer and distribute that money this month and to use it for this academic school year. standardized test has risen over this to the california, these historic have shown increases in
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all areas, english, language, arts, 17 percent increase. and the filipino students have the greatest improvement. and mathematics, and a rate it by 23 percent. latin stestudents alsod an increase of 20 per person, and also, prof. and she in science, social sciences, 20%. you can find these results at just go to our website. a teenager killed overnight after falling from a moving pinnacle. it happened right before midnight we have a video. where this happened. and just a few seconds, and police chief of danville said the this was a traff tragic accident. >> the young man jumped onto the side of a moving corps. it was
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more vigorous slowly. alting- c moving car. he was standing, and the car pulled up, and he wanted to go with them. he jumped onto the car and it was pulling away. he stood on the outside of the car, on the edge, the running board area. this lasted 42 seconds. he must have lost his grip, this lasted for a few seconds and then he fell off. >> investigators are looking to see if the teenager was killed by the call or the fafall with >> and four people injured in just three hours in oakland. this first one took place in east oakland. just before 9:00 p.m. last night, at the arroyo
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viego recreation center and then just before 9:00 p.m., the 600 block, and then that the 1100 block at 31st street at market and san paolo before 11:30. they're not related and police are still searching. >> and a metric ecs store this is video from friday august the 13th. petro-ecs, this is on north texas st. masterpieces thathe employee fired several shots and it is unclear of either suspects was hit by the store plea. the store employees were not harmed. >> and this is not caused by arson. this started in the attic with a mechanical/electroniic io
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blame. and a three alarm fire that burned several buildings and mission district saturday caused $1.5 million in damages. three firefighters offersuffered minor injuries, and also 20 people were displaced. the cause is not been determined but investigators cosaren't caught thinking thises this suspicious. >> warmer inland, and in the north bay with 80 degrees in santa rosa this afternoon. record should be, at 82 degrees in santa rosa. and right where we should be. and upper 80s and it is where we should be with 88 degrees in antioch. 60s, 70's, for the rest of the iran and this is what we can expect. the
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fog up and down the coastline with the exception of the break near san rafael. and what we can expect his/her there is similar with the exception of " temperatures and the north bay. a complete forecast coming up. >> this year's whooping cough could be the worst in 50 years. they recommend that seniors, women, small children receive vaccinations. and thanks to san francisco general hospital is a free vaccine with no registration required. children, to adopt he if they in fact chif adults if in fact children? conditions with very serious. and one-year, one, too. and at least five children had been admitted, and under one month, today with this disease. >> this year, seven babies have died from a whopping cough and the symptoms are similar to the
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common cold. the coughing fits have a distinctive whooping sound of the end. the cosugh and processed fo persists for sever
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a spectator's guide. eight >> we too close for comfort.
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>> in eight deaths. >> the driver of a modified for pickup was control and plowed into the spectators. eight people were killed and four others seriously injured. brad a sloppy was not charged but the chp had to escort them when the crowd became angry. and on this facebook page he said that he was incredibly lost and devastated. this has great obvious questions about safety. >> we of witnesses and and saying that there were supposed to be 15 0 ft. away from the track. the promoter had permission but the permit required 15 mi. per hour or less if there were 50 ft. from fans. the record three times as fast and instead of 300 spectators by the permit, as many as 50,000 people attended this race. the
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videotape says that he is lucky to be alive. >> filming this was wretchedly do was actually not smart. this was going to review the images as part of their investigation with a video camera mounted inside of that car. >> and this was also killed and marysville, the driver was killed. witnesses said that " a truck hit and other truck and flipped over. earlier, on that track and both of those drivers managed to survive. all of that racing has been cancelled for the rest of the season. >> and we're on the up side, and a cool the later this week your full forecast coming up. >> a live luck. the fog rolling in, and the traffic headed
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northbound it is quite sluggish. a police activity some make sure that you packed your patience. those people going into san francisco is moving along pretty well. we will be right back.
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>> by 9:00 a.m., still filling the bay shore and back to the coastline later. perhaps it to breaks of sunshine in the north bay very similar to what we saw.
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to the north bay coastline, temperatures in the north bay are going to be several degrees cooler. 77 degrees in santa rosa, 76 in napa but some board bay area locations. we will see similar locations with the exception of the north bay. there will virtually be the same in a bid to cool down. the inland will be plummeting back to about 80 degrees by friday. and stay with us, we will be right back after this quick break.
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>> after consulting comments of the administration and a magazine interview. dashed
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insulting comments. and there were how effective he was in afghanistan. >> and the announcement of retirement next year of dates. and from the bushes ministration, that of gates he has been requested to stay on as the president's request. and to maintain stability however, gates was to go back to civilian life in his home state of washington. he talked about stepping down and jjanuary. and actress,zsa zsa gabor has received last rites and is in critical condition. she had to blood clots removed from our upper body after a hip replacement. >> if you've ever wondered what the most popular color? or at cp has been more popular than
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skippy or jif that better? >> blue mark dodd, as put this most popular goods, with- bloomberg. white is the no. 1 car color choice in america. silver is the global favorite is third in north america and honeyed that cheerio nut cheeris not just choose the mothers, the 52 year-old branson the top selling since 1981. and with the all white, low cut air force one has been the top-selling sneakers since 2007. and the stats for an animal the labrador retrievers of the most popular purebred in the entire country. if you'd like to see the entire list? businesses, does it now at 6:30, our top stories. more news crews, more stories. here's our top stories. what's on the web with kimberlee sakamoto.
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>> now at 6:30, our top stories. more news crews, more stories. here's our top stories. >> here in california, same-sex marriages are on hold. the ninth circuit court of appeals is printing 80 stay until they can rule on the merits, weather the lower court was correct the proposition 82 ban on same-sex was unconstitutional. the court will take up this matter in december. dan kerman, kron 4 news. >> and lancaster, the inwar casd on the street is that you can see that it is pretty cold. no impromptu rallies have pretty column, and several same-sex couples were going to wet on wednesday. several city hall branches were going to stay open late to accommodate. and every
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day that this is delayed, the relief families are getting hurt. in the castro section, christine connolly. >> and our web section, has been keeping track. and pamela, we've been receiving a lot of comments. the viewers is in the split. justice delayed, justice denied and some people are saying that they are tired of getting this delayed. and to focus on education, and also, what is the point of voting on this? when the congest ret overturn this. and they can just overturn this. what's on the web with kimberlee sakamoto. ♪ and let us know what you think. >> and in martinez, he was arraigned on the /read/mercureapmurder and rape d
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attempted robbery. $12.5 million bill and that is likely to be reduced to 3.4 million when he enters a plea on august 26th. there is no known link but montuon had access. he was staying near the area. >> san was a,t school to keep special significance. on monday, this bell rang on the schedule welcoming kids back to school and these portable classrooms. six weeks ago, july 5th, dozens of classrooms in the library were destroyed by arson. since then, a grass-roots raised $150 billion. >> and in tech news,this dell
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streak it is just under one have size, and this is for people who want to keep this with them. the biggest difference, is that the del streak can be activated as a falling. online, $550 or $ 300482 year contract with at&t. >> and gabriel slate's tech report some people wanted to get outside the outdoor concert. this is all caught on video. >> and on this video on you tube people try to steal this fans will security is try to keep them out. it is chaotically quickly as others try to do the same. the overwhelming crowd is too much for the security and it did not take long for this fence to give way. several people took the bench, and just a ticket dar
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bashooting this video, of his green and black shoes. >> daniel villareal and the zero side musical festival the car golden gate park. after this was gone, the focus became on cleaning up. different crews had different assignments, they had some small jobs of picking up the small trash, some had bigger jobs of tearing down the stages and other performance areas. this is expected to be back to normal by the middle of this week. daniel villareal ♪ >> our big weather story is that this cool summer continues. and dropping in the north bay by five degrees with 77 degrees and
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the santa rosa, 77 degrees and san jose. 60s, 70's and still below average for every location. close to average inland, and six-eight degrees below where we should be for this time of year. several days below average it this summer, with 57 days of summer, and 53 of the 57 have been below average. and 50 of the 57 in fremont, 34-fairfield, and it has been below average for most of this summer and is going to continue tomorrow and for most of this week. stay with us, we will be right back after this quick break. h
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why earn bupkis, when your savings can earn three times the national average!! three times the national average!!! new school banking at capital one bank. with interest plus savings, go to!!!!! what's in your wallet? somebody help me down. >> now here is stanley roberts to found people behaving badly. >> let us watch this cable car. high and california street in london's stock this video. notice of that little girl. and also noticed this black car. and
6:39 pm
let us role that video. since 1959, there has been a law with all drivers having to stop with a cable car loading/unloading passengers. and for the most part, this is been ignored for several drivers for the last 50 years. >> and according to cable car operators the worst place to find these offenders is at this intersection of height in california. and not only were this is one stop or about to stop. drivers are required to stop at the rear of the cable car and not permitted to move into the cable car is moving. this city is even posting signs to not passed the cable car. many times this is ignored. the ticket illegally is over $250! and one. on a license that is the high cost for not wanting
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>> the 49ers, and they have been busy! earlier, the defense linemen, with the 2006 defense draft pick. the team got fed up, and the way he went. late this afternoon, they added veteran running back, brian west berg. longtime philadelphia eagles it is now property of the scarlet and gold. they just finished a press conference. all eight seasons with the philadelphia eagles. and he only played eight games because of to concussions. and the teams took a look and they did not want to take a chance with the 49ers now that the lost less than get the big guy. >> and i think i had a lot of value to the team. they already have a lot of good teams on offensive, defensive and you add
6:45 pm
into that me. and frank gore. talent. i think we're going to be a hard offensive to stop. and i will bring in my leadership ability, and my talent and running the ball. and continue to provimproved as a player and continue to ensure the team. >> that was just moments ago in the santa clara. the westbrook, is property of the forty-niners and when he is going to be playing. certainly, he will be a practice tomorrow in the 49ers have been entertaining the minnesota vikings this weekend. and west brook time will tell. if he takes a blow to the head and how much does he have left? and if he can produce with the eagles! look out! frank norris love great backup. and now, without french court, there were at the post with a 34 on after
6:46 pm
points. that cut the 49ers points attention in indianapolis for peyton manning because mvp award. and mid season, once he got out of double game look out! and the earlier, fumble, and it turned into points. and the big play on the sides of the 49ers this reduce math. ! [laughter] and the defense, really quick-he is quick. and with 34 unanswered points and anthony dixon was just the man. he just ran it through, the colts the defense. 100 yds, and 37-17 victory. who knows? more of the forty-niners and cider kevin insider, and what moves
6:47 pm
the made. baseball, the a's and entertained the blue jays that is coming up on the late show. and also that ball club and the giants flew to philadelphia of these next nine games will tell you went lot about this team. and the concern is the man on the ball off. and his last 17 starts have not been very good at barely 500. and his era is almost at 5 and he got rocked with it after is the worst third defeat, and he will not pitch in philadelphia. and will not be on this road trip will leave us some time to think about it and the concern is that the two- time si you ng winner in nothing there. the team pagoda philadelphia, seattle was, and
6:48 pm
on the back and. team-could go to philadelphia. >> and if you go to the ball game you have to keep your head up and be alert. however, there is nothing of this umpire could do about this one in the sixth inning. carlos is back to his bat he received five stitches and that is something you do not see every day. and here it is again, that he happened to leave the game. that is really a scary sight. when we came back, more 49ers, the insider kevin lynch and also, dustin is caught in a trap and the ryder cup for tiger woods! do not move. you could tell even back in early 1999 when ebay...
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was a small company that meg-- meg knew what she was doing. she has this ability to come to a very confusing situation,
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>> beckwith the more 49ers, a
6:52 pm
top of the sportscast they're awfully busy. the broad in the big veteran. brian west burt and we will hear more about that at 11. and how about this? with the offense, certainly it was having some work to do. and we had a chance to sit down with kevin lynch. to hear what he had to say about ealex smith. and he had his troubles. just three of nine. >> not so great, he obviously had some wide open for a touchdown and he perhaps a burn in was in the wrong area? but still, he had an open man. so there is a definitely some things to work on. and this was not good all day. >> and he was struggling with
6:53 pm
that kneecap. >> hyperextension, a few roll that tape you can see that it is really hyper extended. and he is not going to miss too much time. >> with no michael crabtree, and no patrick wallace, less talk about some of these guys that really entertaining. anthony dixon. all he was mixmissing was roger craig? >> lot of comparisons, and frank. and obviously, he did really well. the thing that struck me was his patience and his ability to stop and go and went to do it and waited. and it was also the beneficiary of some great with ron getting those big. >> and glen, one year and done. >> what a shocker! >> what a stunner, and the year
6:54 pm
round. he is put on 50 lbs. of muscle. he spent a lot of time in the facility and if you can really see this coming. if you're not anybody else? except for coffee. and a lot of activity. those guys were really coming in. it was bruce davis, or regs. and they got some pressure of the middle. and even their running game. they're getting so comfortable. that they can just plug guys in and go. >> and the return at touchdown. and that was quite a play. >> a heads up, he was of the right time, the right spot, and he playfully to plowho playfully wellcome was carl he played really well. and what cost that
6:55 pm
bubble and the intersection 90 years yards yeyards. and with more choose from the forest team but i think the 49ers just have to be excited about the guys that they have in terms of rookies and a lot of late night picks from. >> that is why make the big box, kevin lynch. >> that was kevin lynch, thank you for making someone coming in, that is what makes the big boucks >> dustin johnson, for the pga on the last hole. grounded his club, and what he thought was not a very bunker. there were bonkers all over the place. fans
6:56 pm
were standing around and he thought it was not a bunker but it was a bunker. you cannot ground the club the was a two- stroke penalty. tiger was two under par for the tournament he is told in the ryder cup points. now, his fate for applying for the u.s. falls on the halls of corey pavin. and corey pavin said tiger woods is high on this list and he is the no. 1 player in the world but it is a to corey pavin will make the force elections on september 7th. the top are reset, but-4/7, and the year that towartiger woods has had. and to not pick him? >> he has been in a slump. >> the number one in the world how to leave him off the team? >> we will know pretty soon? >> and every but it will have a
6:57 pm
good evening. we will look for you at 11:00 p.m. ♪ [ man ] i was deciding what to do
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deeper inside today's top celebrity stories. i'm lara spencer. is on. a pic me with my shirt off. a after te shirtless photofallout. why the white house just released this newshot, and barred cameras fromhe beach. >> this is clearly photo they wanted out there. to hollywood tonight. >> the $2500 person event co-hosted by streisand and spielberg. car accident. where he was started before the crash. s own reality show? and what was he doing this weekend with barry manilow. >> the family was preparing for the trial now the guy is done. >> after the alleged craigslist killer committed suicide.


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